The Bull Market is a Corporation for Public Benefit with a mission to grow local farmers, ranchers, and entrepreneurs.  The store opened in July of 2016 and began buying produce and products from over 50 Arizona vendors, 24 of whom came from within 50 miles.  We closed the shop in October 2018 as we underwent a remodel into a coffee shop and tea house.  The restaurant was taken over by a pizza place owned locally by veteran and all-around good guy.   In addition to stimulating the local economy, The Bull Market recognized the difficulty many residents had with finding healthy food in the White Mountains and the expense they went to haul food from larger cities.  With this in mind, The Bull Market has begun a bulk buying program and sources pesticide-free organic produce, grassfed meats and cheeses, and attempts to fulfill the requests of locals.  The store’s apothecary is stocked with many hard to find herbs, spices, teas, coffees and supplements.  Additionally, The Bull Market wants to help growing beer and wine companies who are planting their roots in Arizona to better the local economy. The Bull Market offers many items for sale through our buyer's program; we want to save our customers money by giving convenient options for purchasing healthy food.  A few of the benefits of ordering thru The Bull Market is often less than a week turnaround for orders, we can hold it for a short while, and we have reasonable hours for customers to collect the orders.  The Bull Market's goal for 2019 is to further develop the Community Gardens and help people access good nutrition in this food desert.

Carton of Eggs
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Cold Coffee
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spiral noodles
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